Enerex Botanicals | Greens (Mixed Berries)



Enerex Greens have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, boost immune,
metabolism & brain function, enhance energy & endurance, solubilize fats & lower cholesterol, aid in detoxification, digestion & elimination, and replenish intestinal flora with The Friendly Trio® probiotic. With ten superfood berries, Enerex Greens Mixed Berries brings more power to you!

  • Made with Certified Organic juice powders of live Alfalfa, Kamut®, Barley, and Oat shoots – not powdered dried grasses – grown in highly mineralized volcanic topsoil
  • On-site production without heat yields raw, enzymatically active greens
  • Superior assimilation, digestibility, flavour, and nutrient profile
  • Contains the scientifically proven probiotic, The Friendly Trio®, for a healthy digestive system
  • Superior formula helps to alkalinize the body

Directions: Blend or shake 2 rounded teaspoons (10 g) of Enerex GREENS with 250 ml of liquid. Best if consumed immediately, first thing in the morning.
Can be blended with Enerex RAW PHYTO PROTEINS for the ultimate health drink. Also add to smoothies or any food preparations (avoid high heat).