Lunah Life | Dry Shampoo (Light)

$15.99 $10.00


Why do you need it?

  • healthier hair
  • regulates oil production
  • convenient
  • adds volume/ texture
  • delivers nutrients to your hair and scalp
  • decreases effect of heat damage

How to:  For best results, apply before going to bed. Sprinkle between roots, hairline, and anywhere else needed. Finish massaging product in with makeup brush, or fingertips so that the oil-absorbing action can take place evenly across the head.

Light Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), Maranta (Arrowroot Powder) Arundinacea, Kaolin White Clay, Rice Flour, Sandalwood Red Powder, Azadirachita (neem leaves) Indica, Ocimum (Tulsi Leaves Powder) Sanctum, Equisetum (Horsetail Powder) Arvense, Rosemary Powder, Essential oils of Bursera (Palo Santo) Graveolens, Jasminum Sambac, Bois De Rose Natural Oil, Rosa Damascene.

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